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What is a “Naturopathic” Approach

and Why Do I Recommend It?

The true difference between a Naturopathic physician, and the conventional physician is their focus, and how they approach, and manage it.  Conventional doctors tend to focus more on palliative treatment, that is, manage and treat your symptoms.  Being a Naturopathic doctor, I treat the whole person, and look for the underlying causes of your symptoms.  I can offer you natural support to rehabilitate the involved systems causing those symptoms.  This results in  true, systemic relief from what is ailing you.  This more holistic approach takes advantage of a plethora of alternative therapies (acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical), all of which allow your body to heal itself.

We will explore the approaches and treatments that have helped you in the past, and ignore the ones that didn’t.  Once I have gathered all your information, and reviewed your lab work, I am ready to give you an overview of how you got Here, and how we are going to get you back on the road to recovery, and a more satisfying State of Being, one step at a time.

I want to stress that I am not rigid or exclusive in my thinking about natural remedies. I do believe there are some patients with conditions that respond well to conventional therapies, so I have no issue making referrals when necessary.  There are certain health conditions, and temporary situations that may require prescription medication, of which I can handle for you.

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