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My Services

* Acupuncture

* Full Scope lab tests 

  • testing for heavy metal toxicity 

  • food allergies

  • autoimmune disease

  • neurotransmitter levels

* Electrodermal Screening  EDS  More info
* Natural Elimination of Allergies Technique N.E.A.T.
* Individual Diet & Lifestyle Counseling to identify the Best           Path for You
* BHRT Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy 
* Medical Marijuana Evaluations



I treat chronic conditions, focusing in these areas:


1) Endocrinology

  • Type II Diabetes 

  • Thyroid 

  • Adrenal function

  • Hormonal balance

2) Autoimmune Disease
3) Digestive Issues  

  • Reflux 

  • IBS 

  • Malabsorption  

  • Elimination


Additional Information:

If you would like to make a New Patient Appointment, please go to the New Patient Forms and Information page. Download all the forms, fill them out and fax back to us. 

New Patient appointments last 60 minutes and cost $275. Follow up and maintenance appointments are as needed. shorter, and cost less.


Contact us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dr Chelson says - You are what you eat!
Naturopathic Physicians treat many different conditions for all types of people
Dr Chelson is able to make medical marijuana evaluations in Tucson, Arizona
Services now include
Marijuana Evaluations
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